Cat. No.  AUFU 101

Autoclave Fumigator Made of Stainless Steel Manufactured by Desco Online
Product Details :-
Autoclave Fumigator is a Multi purpose product in the Hospital.
It acts as Disinfector, Humidifier, Clematises, Insect Repellant Sprayer and Atomiser in the Hospital
Fumigator Concentration is as below 
For routine disinfection, 30ml of formaline of 40% concentration with 90ml of pure water is 1000 Cu ft Area.
For Intensive disinfection, 90ml of formaline of 40% concentration with 90ml of pure water is sufficient for 1000 Cu ft Area.
Formalin : Dettol, Savlon, Servocide, Phenol can be safely used in a multipur way
Fumigator can be used in Hospitals and Industries 
Hospitals : Opeations theatres, Post opera-tive area, Patient Wards. Mater-nity Nursing Homes, Sanatorium Mortuary, Pathalogical & Micro-Biological Laboratories, Mobile Family Planning Centres & Isolat-ed Areas.
Industries : Pharmaceuticals Plants Vaccine Manufacturing Plants, Food & Meat Processing Plants, Cold Storage Units, Hotels Club, Offices, Record-Rooms, etc.
Livestock : Hatcheries, Egg Storage Rooms, Poultry Houses, Egg Fumigation, Small Animal Houses, Sericulure, Canine Houses, Zoological/Bota-nical Parks, Veterinary Laborato-ries, Veterinary Hospitals. The Power is 220 Volt, 50 Hz, 160 Watts
The Output is 1.5 to 5 Lts/hr.
The Speed of Motor is 2.960 rpm
The Height of Fumigator is 425mm
The Diameter of Fumigator is 450mm
We are Manufacturer, Exporters and Suppliers of Autoclave Fumigator Stainless Steel at wholesale prices from India.

Model No           Capacity (Ltr)
AUFU 101               1.5 Ltr
AUFU 102                3 Ltr
AUFU 103                5 Ltr
AUFU 104               6.5 Ltr




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