Cat. No.  BCVF 115

C Vein Finder Manufactured by Desco Online
Product Details:-
C Vein Finder comes with intensity control micro usb charging option
It works on rechargeable battery
It is hot selling model in Africa Region Market
We are Manufacturer, Exporters and Suppliers of C Vein Finder wholesale prices from India.
Model No 
BCVF 115         C VEIN FINDER


Cat. No.  BCVF 101

Infant Vein Viewer Manufactured by Desco Online
Product Details:-
Infant Vein Viewer is used for finding veins in infants patients with the help of "LED" Cold Light Source
Infant Vein Viewer is Optimized to find veins through the body transillumination technique.Transillumination Method can be used anywhere on the Body. 
With the help of Vein Viewer, Veins Can Be Mapped To Avoid Valves and Find The Best Place For safe Access.
The Ingenious O- Shaped Design Helps Secure The Vein, Provides Traction On the Skin, Facilitating Easy Needle Insertion
Infant Vein Viewer has LED (Red Or White) Optimized For Vein Imaging, Clear Plastic Top Cover and the body is Made of Aluminium
It works on the 3.5 Volts Tubular Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery
The weight of the unit is 70 gm with a diameter of 125 mm
We are Manufacturer, Exporters and Suppliers of Infant Vein Viewer at wholesale prices from India.
Model No 






Cat. No.  BCVF 110

Infrared Vein Finder Multi Purpose Manufactured by Desco Online.
Product Details:-
Operating Principle 
Infrared Vein Finder acquires image of subcutaneous veins, the image which  results from dealing with image signal is projected onto the surface of the skin. Thus, subcutaneous vein image will be displayed on the skin surface of the corresponding position.
Technical Parameter
Effective positive projection distance: 29cm~31cm 
Light projection: 300lux~1000lux
Active radiation contains wavelength light: 750nm~980nm
Electrical source: lithium ion polymer batteries
Service voltage: d.c. 3.0V~4.2V
Prevent into the liquid level: IPX0
Method of Application
Before using the product, medical staff should be familiar with how to correctly locate in order to get the best detection effect.  In the process of use, it is recommended that the medical staff take touch and visual observation information for reference, combined with the projected image results to determine the actual location of veins. Please try to keep the observed of skin smooth and tight, give priority to choose areas of the organization with less scars, spots or hair.
Start The Instrument
Press and release the power button of the panel, then the instrument starts.
After the instrument starts up, power indicator lights up. According to the power quantity, the light shows two colors: white, blue. White represents high power, low blue stands for low power.
Repeater Operation Height adjustment: Rotate high lever knob in order to stretch base rod, the base rod can be elongated to the highest position. Then, rotate high lever knob in the other direction to lock. Rotate high fine-tuning knob to highly fine-tune the base rod.
Medical staff choose the appropriate target vein to complete the venipuncture.
Imaging mode switch: Insert the needle into the hole of projection window, press imaging mode switch button, image can be switched to blue-white, red-green and red-white imaging mode.
Image brightness adjustment: Touch image brightness adjustment button to adjust image brightness.” ” means brightness enhancement, " " means brightness reduction.
Shut down:After using, press the power button, the instrument is turned off and power indicator is extinguished.Suggestions for use
Attention and Caution
Infrared Vein Finder is a kind of medical equipment which it forms the subcutaneous vein image in situ for contactless.
In order to accurately examine the position of the vein, it is suggested put the product at the proper height and angle, and keep the product located in the center of the target vein.
Don’t look straight at the light source when it is working.
This product belongs to the electronic equipment. There could be outside interference by electromagnetic signal. So please stay away from other equipments when using.
It is suggest that the instrument should not be used when it is charging.
The instrument has no waterproof function, please keep it from liquid.
If the product is expected to be not used for a long time, please charge the product fully, clean and package it in a dry, shady and cool place to store by the original packaging materials. Please avoid putting the product upside down and under heavy stuff when storaging.
This product contains lithium polymer batteries; it is strictly prohibited to put the product into the fire. Don't discard at will and contact the manufacturer for recycling.
We are Manufacturer, Exporters and Suppliers of Infrared Vein Finder Multi Purpose at wholesale prices from India.
Model No 



Cat. No.  BCVF 105

Pencil Vein Viewer Manufactured by Desco Online
Product Details:-
Pencil Vein Viewer accurately locates veins in hands for improved insertion of an IV.
Pencil Vein Viewer can detect vein of hands more clearly through transmission of LED light in order to help medical staffs to observe superficial vein of hands.
It has sensitive switch for clear vein and power saving with no radiation
Pencil Vein Viewer has adjustable light to locate veins in hands accurately
Adjustable light helps in wide application range
It is operated on rechargeable lithuim battery
Small in size, light in weight, easy to carry
The adjustable light is cold with no radiation and is safe and reliable
Pencil Vein Viewer is designed accurately for more comfortable grip
We are Manufacturer, Exporters and Suppliers of Pencil Vein Viewer at wholesale prices from India.
Model No 



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