Cat. No.  IEDP 101

DVT Pump Supplied by Desco Online
Products Details:-
DVT Pump functions as a prophylaxis for deep vein thrombosis by using an effective combination of graduated sequential compression and rapid impulse inflation. 
DVT Pump increases venous velocity while enhancing fibrinolysis, thus assisting in the prevention of thrombus formation.
Description : Air Compressor Pressure Therapy 
Machine Size : 24 x 18 x 11 cm 
Massage Mold : A/b/c Mold 
Range Of Press : 20-250 mm Hg 
Input Voltage : Ac 220v / 50hz , 
Power Consumption : 30w
Treating Time : 10-30 Mins 
3 Mode For Electrotherapy 
Lymph Edema Related Therapy 
Rheumatic Osteoarthrist Is
Claudi Cati On 
Muscle Atrophy ,
Slimming & Contouring & Pressure Therapy , 
Stimulate Blood Flow & Imp Rove Poor Circulation
Diabetes Foot, Detoxify & Anti Aging
Post Surgery Recover. 
We are Exporters and Suppliers of DVT Pump at competitive prices from India.  
Model No :
IEDP 101           DVT Pump


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