Cat. No.  IESP 105

Spirometer Desktop Supplied by Desco Online
Products Details:-
Spirometer Desktop measurement of Forced Vital Capacity (FVC) ,Vital Capacity (VC/SVC) ,maximum voluntary ventilation (MVV) and relevant functions, more than 30 parameters can be measured and displayed ;for several times of measurement, the optimal result will be displayed ; the condition of subject can be shown by the ratio of the measured value and the predicted value.
Measurement parameters : Forced Vital Capacity (FVC) : FVC, FEVl, PEF, (FEVl/FVC) ,FEF25 ,FEF50 ,FEF75 ,FEF2575 ,FEVl/VC ,FEV6, FEVl / FEV6, ELA ,FET ,EVOL ,FIVC ,FIVl ,FIVl /FIVC ,PIF ,MVV Vital Capacity (VC/SVC) : VC, IC, ERV, IRV, EVC, IVC, TV, VE, RR, Tl, TE, TV/Tl, TITT OT Maximum Ventilatory Volume (MVV) : MVV
Real-time display respiration waveform : Flow-Volume loop and Volume-Time curve chart
7"color LCD touch screen , button scan be operated along with touch screen
Incentive animation operation guide, easy for the use between children and the old
Built-in thermal printer, reports can be printed directly
BTPS automatic correction function, compensate for the impact of environmental differences
Test time and environment temperature display  
Calibration function,ensure measurement accuracy
Multiple predicted value can be selected, suitable for different population
Storage of more than 10,000 groups of data Lungage estimation function
Built-in lithium battery, supports both of AC and DC.
We are Exporters and Suppliers of Spirometer Desktop at competitive prices from India.  
Model No :
IESP 105           Spirometer Desktop

Cat. No.  IESP 101

Spirometer Diagnostic Supplied by Desco Online
Products Details:-
Spirometer Diagnostic has Ultra-thin design for portable carrying, easy operation for convenient test.
Large TFT screen to display the test result clearly.
Measure FVC, PEF, FEV1, etc. parameters synchronously.
Support diagnosis evidence by volume and flow rate chart display.
With precise, credible test result, and good consistency.
Built-in predicted value, display the testee current condition by red, yellow and green bar.
Provide repeated measure and memorize the correlative data.
Communication with the computer with the USB, which can calculate data, analyze trend and export.
Built-in lithium battery, Battery power display.
Automatic power-off when there is no operation in one minute
We are Exporters and Suppliers of Spirometer Diagnostic at competitive prices from India.  
Model No :
IESP 101           Spirometer Diagnostic


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