Cat. No.  PTSM 101

Sensory Learning Wall Panel Supplied by Desco Online
Product Details:-
Sensory Learning Panel Wall (Set of Three Panels) is to promote focus and concentration, participation, interaction, motor skills, to introduce cause & effect, encourage success, calm and distract negative behavior, and open up a window of communication and connection.
* Construction : Panel is made of laminated ply wood & teak wood.
* Panel Size : Three Panels, Each panel is of 115cm long x 115cm high x 15cm deep
* Gadgets Each sensory wall panel is fitted with different gadgets. 
* The designed panels wall included LED lighting, tactile surfaces, tracking track and belts.
* Panels can be mounted on wall or can be placed on ground for easy access of patient.
* Panel comes with wall fixing hard ware.
We are Exporters and Suppliers of Sensory Learning Wall Panel at wholesale prices from India.
Model No
PTSM 101 Sensory Learning Wall Panel



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